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Corona Virus Info

If we pull together we can make it through this.

I have been reaching out to a lot of my agents and talking to other real estate photographers and it seems like we are on the same page.  The safety of both us and our clients is of utmost importance.  Details about the virus seem to change daily and more and more people are getting infected and even dying.  A lot of agents are recommending that people wait for a while to list their homes. Sometimes that is not always possible and the show must go on.  I am going to outline what we are going to do to insure the safety of all of us.  Agents have been telling me that changes are coming in all aspects of the business to help combat the spread of the virus. The new rules below seem to be welcomed by everyone I spoke to and are becoming the normal plan of business until the situation gets better.  It is know that the virus is transmitted by both close contact and the virus can live on surfaces, for how long no one really knows.  We are here for you but with a new set of rules probably till the end of April at the soonest. 

New COVID-19 Policies

We are requiring that no one be present at the property for all scheduled appointments. This includes sellers, renters and agents.

We will avoid touching personal belongings while onsite, so it is very important to make sure the property is completely staged when we arrive.

Please turn on all lights prior to us arriving to do the photo shoot.  If the house is vacant we will turn on the lights to save you a trip. 

We have a short supply of rubber gloves and will wear them until we run out.  We have ordered some form multiple sources and hoping the show up soon.

If your clients are feeling under the weather we prefer you reschedule the shoot waiting the required amount of time by the CDC.

With some sensible precautions there is no reason why listing photography can't continue to be done safely.

As long as we are legally allowed to operate and are healthy and feel safe doing so, we will continue to work within these new restrictions. If anything changes  in your area, we will notify you.

We apologize for any inconvenience and are doing everything we can to assure your safety and ours.  If anyone has a suggestion we missed to further help in the fight please let us know.

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